No 'Approve Quote' button

Hello there,

I created a quote and sent it manually as I prefer this as part of my workflow. The quote was approved by my customer but I didn’t think much of it in terms of Invoice Ninja.

Now, I see that the quote is ‘Expired’ and I can’t see an ‘Approve Quote’ button.

Can anyone help?
Thank you!

You should be able to fix it by changing the ‘Valid until’ date for the quote.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve already tried that (set valid until 31/12/19), and it didn’t work ; or maybe I missed it.
Where is the button supposed to be?


Rereading your initial comment if it’s already been approved by the client then you won’t see an approve button.

The client approved the quote in a mail sent to me, not through invoice ninja. I didn’t know at the time I could send my quote using IN.

Understood. In that case you should see an ‘Approve’ button in the client portal, you can click the “View in portal” link on the edit quote page to see it.

Gotcha, thanks!