New v5 web app can be self-hosted?

Can the new v5 web app be self-hosted? if yes, can you provide a link that we can use for testing? If my understanding is incorrect, appreciate your help in explaining it further. I am asking this after reading forum articles about how to fast load the V5 version and I’ve encountered this link:


The latest v5 includes both version of the web app. There is an option on the dashboard to change between the two versions.

Can you provide me the icon to switch versions? I can only see list of invoices, activity, logs etc but cannot find a menu or a button to switch. By the way, I’m using this specific v5.5.62-C105 version.

I’m not sure if that version supports it, I suggest upgrading to the latest version.

Can you provide me a screenshot to how it looks like on the latest version?