New user - so many faults with invoice ninja?


just signed up and was hoping to upgrade to paid version.

just off the top of my head, with an hour or two of navigating the software i found all these errors.

  1. the android app wont let you create a new product.
    when you fill in all the details and click save all the fields go blank and nothing saves.
    you have to create new products on your browser.

  2. the android app wont let you edit products.
    as above - just the same.

  3. products get changed with invoices.
    if you create a product, the add it to a quote, and then change either the description or price etc on the quote, it seems to permanently change this for the actual product, not just for that one instance.
    therefore, when you add that product again, it adds the changed version for last time you altered it in a quote, rather than adding your original saved item.
    when you change an item line on a quote it shouldnt then change that actual stored product.

  4. discount.
    you dont seem to be able to discount individual products.

there was quite a few more but id have to log in and use it again.

if there are so many faults from the start then how can any business be expected to sign up and pay for this service? i dont understand how other people are actually using this?

I’ll try to help with the webapp questions:

  1. You can control with the ‘auto update’ setting on /settings/products

  2. That’s correct, one workaround may be to use negative line item taxes

Hi Adnw,

I’ve done some testing and I’ve been able to create a new product, update a product with no troubles on the Android App.

Are you filling in all 3 fields?

Thanks for replies.

New products. Yes im filling in all fields, it wont let you save it unless they are all filled in.
I fill everything in, click save and the item seems to save then just jumps back on the screen with everything blank.
Running latest version just installed. Uninstalled and reinstalled too with same error.

Ill try the settings listed in first reply.

Everyone has different needs and wants in a billing system. For example the ability to have timed tasks and converted into a bill easily, automated invoice reminders, client dashboard/invoice/payment screen that looks clean and unique. It’s quite a large list of things Invoice Ninja can accomplish, on top of that you can host it and control it yourself. Emails from the system come from your own setup, you control the data, you can customize the look. Last but not least a HUGE list of compatible payment gateways (more difficult than you would think). Ironically I’m wanting to lock in the yearly whitelabel rate as I’m worried it’ll increase.

With all that said I don’t use the app. I use mobile web the rare times I need it while out and about. Otherwise I’m working off a computer.