New user: questions for a self hosted intallation

I’m testing the app and have a few questions:

  • Is the app translated to Spanish? Windows desktop app seems to be only in English.
  • How can I access the online demo? Is there a temprorary demo user/password? (Right now you seem to have a redirection problem in both login page and reset password page for demo site Invoice Ninja)
  • Are there usage limitations for the self-hosted version?
  • Can I print quotes in customized PDF templates? My quotes are quite a literature stuff more than a product or item list, so what I need is more a “text” template that prints beautiful

Thank you for your responses.


  • Yes, you can set the language on Settings > Localization
  • The demo links are available here:
  • No
  • The app supports custom HTML/CSS designs

Thank you for the quick response.

Which credentials can I use to access demo site? Please, be aware that this login page is reloading 3 or 4 times and that reset password page is reloading forever.

About localization, is it possible to set Windows desktop app in Spanish too? In my installed version I can only choose English.

Thank you.

This is the link for the React demo: Invoice Ninja

You may need to click the X to clear the selected language.

Sorry to insist but how can I register or acquire an user/password for this demo?

Thank you.

You shouldn’t need a user/password to use the demo, it may help to try with a different browser.