New User No Email Recieved to Confirm


I need help on when adding new user. It says Email has been send to confirm. But It user didn’t receive any email. Already try to resend still user unable to receive it.


Are other emails working in the app, ie. can you send an invoice email?

Didn’t try it. I’m trying to add user via settings to help manage the invoice. but it was successfully added but no email receive to confirm.

Please let us know if it works or not, without trying it’s unclear if the problem is specific to user emails or a general email issue.

hi @hillel trying to configure it based on the email provider. It keep saying email in que for sending something like that. Its a general issue both client and user cannot received it. Thanks

Are the crons enabled?

Yes it is enable… im using a shared hosting

The issues is tagged as self-hosted, I assume that’s a mistake?

I suggest sending an email to and we can check the email logs to see if it was sent.

hi @hillel I am having the same issue here and I have applied all the solution, can I also send a message to this email right?