New to Invoice Ninja

Can anyone help me? I’m trying to see if invoice ninja could help me with sending an invoice after I treated them. I would like that being done by integrating with zapier. However since I’m on a free trial period still I cann’t get te token to work so that zapier can integrate with ninja. So could any of you tell me: I know that after a booking is made with one can have zapier make an invoice . Can it als search for an existing client or will it double it?

And another question. i would like an ivoice which shows whether the client payed cash, by card or will pay later. Is there anyway to do that?

Update: I am using the v5, but just not yet in a subscription


To connect to Zapier you’d need to use the v5 version.

@david @ben is it possible to show payment details on the invoice?

Yes I understand that. But before paying I was wondering if someone could tell me if it is possible what I want…

The Zapier integration supports creating invoices.

You can also search for a client and if it isn’t found create a new record.


We could add a variable of sorts for this?

@david that would be great!

That would be absolutely great!

@Noemi @hillel

What would the ideal text be for the payment variable?

Payment $amount made on $date?

No more something like

Paid on date by cash
or paid on date by pin
or will be paid by bank