New selected templates not applying to recurring invoices

I made a few changes to the CSS of the business template and saved it as a new design. I want to Invoice Design in Settings and changed all four styles to my new business template and checked
Update all records. After doing so the design changed to all my documents.

Last night a few new recurring invoices were generated that were already in the system. I noticed this morning that only those generated invoices we’re still using the default Business template.

When i go to my recurring invoices, and i look at the PDF of one i can see that it indeed generates the PDF with the default Business template that was selected when the recurring invoice was added the Invoice Ninja.

Now i have to reselect my own template in Settings and have it applied to all documents so it updates.

How can I change this?

Tried editing an existing recurring invoice and saving it but it still keeps the original Business template.

Thank you.

EDIT: when opening Settings > Invoice Design > Edit > Choose my template > it shows the number of documents using this design. Only Recurring Invoices has None.


Are you using the Flutter or React app?

I am using the windows desktop app and i think it is showing in Flutter.

Just switches to React in using web interface in Chrome. Same options in Settings > Invoice Design. All set my custom template.

I believe when the recurring invoice runs it uses the design it’s set to rather than the one in the settings.

Is the design for the recurring invoice set correctly?

No it is not, because the design I made recently was non-existent at the time of creating the recurring invoice. How do I set all recurring invoice to using the new design, like i could to with other documents in the Settings tab. There was a possibility to update all records but I can’t find it for recurring invoices wich is kinda weird since these invoices should just look like other invoices when they are made?!

@david should the invoice setting update all recurring invoices as well?

I can’t speak for everyone but I think when someone chooses a certain design for their invoices they would want their next auto generated invoice to also look like that. Now I need to edit every single recurring invoice.

Now there is a possibility to change all records of a certain type of document (invoice, estimate, etc) why not make this possible for recurring invoices and let people choose their default design and give them the option to change all existing records.

Currently we only update the invoice_ids, should we also update all recurring invoices as well?

Yes, I think that would be good

Thank you for getting back to me in this thread.

I just found that this has been discussed in July 2022?