New react webb app, 525/520 errors

Hi I just updated to the latest version (v14.04.2024.1) and enabled the React web app.

Now it will not load and in the dev tools console for all react js files, I get net::ERR_ABORTED 520 or net::ERR_ABORTED 525.

The site loaded fine until I enabled the reach webb app.

My install is behind Cloudflare proxy and a kemp load balancer.

If I put the external IP in my hosts file it loads fine (after I click proceed anyway on the SSL error).

It also loads fine using the internal IP (with the same SSL click as above).

The mobile app still works fine.

Thanks in advance



@david do you have any suggestions?

You can switch back by running this SQL query:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

It sounds like an issue with the proxyinig?