New product prices for "Recurring Invoices"

Changes on prices in “Products” are not reflected on those products in “Recurring Invoices”.

What is the recommended way to update all product prices in the recurring invoices in the self hosted setup latest version of Invoice Ninja?

Thanks, Rémy

Sorry, that’s by design.

To bulk update the values you’d need to use the API/SDK or possibly our Integromat integration?

Thanks for the feedback.

We have already solved the issue with SQL statements and we get correct PDFs. The problem is we need to re-save every invoice so values on the header/email notification are updated.

Is there a way to recalculate all recurring invoices.

Thanks, Rémy

I would strongly advise against running manual queries in the database.

We do a lot of caching to optimize performance, running manually queries will most likely break things.

Thanks for the answer.

But I need a solution to quickly solve this issue. We can not find an API call to update recurring invoices with new prices…

Could you please be more specific on how to fix this issue?

Thanks, Rémy

I think you’re best bet may be to try Integromat


we’re facing the same problem now. We need to update some prices on products and we have A LOT of recurring invoices that seem to require manual updates afterwards to reflect the price change.
As you say, database updates are not recommened, but we say “giving an external platform like make aka integromat full access to our invoice platform” is a large pile of bantha poodoo which doesn’t get done in accordance to german data security laws.

So, what’s the best solution to update recurrings with new item prices without allowing a suspicious company access to our sensitive financial data?

One option would be to write a script to automate it using the API