[New Feature] Vehicle Log Book (After a few pointers to get me started please)

Hi There,

I’ve just started using Invoice Ninja and it does 99% of what I need which is awesome (thanks everyone), and I’d like to try an develop the extra 1% that I need.

What I’m looking to do is account for distance traveled for each task so that I can report on this at the end of the financial year and submit it as a deduction on my tax return.

Here’s the info from the issue I raised. I also posted this into #develop on slack but it doesn’t look very active. I’m an Ok developer (more infrastructure though), and am pretty good with docker, but need a few pointers to muddle my way through this.

#6992 Vehicle Log Book

What version of Invoice Ninja are you running? ie v4.5 / v5

What environment are you running?

Have you searched existing issues/requests?

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your request/question.

Additional context
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I’d like to try adding a feature to account for kilometers traveled for each task or project and a report of this that can be used to claim a travel rebate at tax time. e.g. In Australia you can claim a tax deduction of $0.75 per kilometer when submitting your tax return.

Data that needs to be entered:
Odometer Start (int)
Odometer End (int)

Data that can be calculated:
Distance Traveled (Odometer End - Odometer Start)

Name: Vehicle Logbook
Filter: Time period e.g. from/to date i.e. to get a report for the last financial year
Data: Distance Traveled per task, Total Distance Traveled

@david any suggestions?

This looks like it would be an entirely new module.

We utilize the following package when developing non core parts of the application

This would enable you to bolt on your additional functionality without having to touch the core of the system. Essentially it would be another Laravel application bolted onto invoice ninja.

Thanks for that. I’ll take a look at it.
Is there any doco re; setting up a dev environment. All I could find was v4 related.

the only difference between a dev and production environment with InvoiceNinja would be running composer with the dev flags

composer install dev

Thanks. I’ll have a tinker and see what I can break :wink: