New Feature Request - Add currrent User name and admin Status to Client

I am requesting for the the following feature to be added to the current client. The ability to see which users is currently logged into app and if they are an admin users

I went and added this to my dev version but thought others could use the feature on theirs so here is how I did it.

I opened \lib\ui\app\menu_drawer.dart

when to the line 955 and add the following code

                      style: themeData.textTheme.headline6,
                      text: '\n\n' + 'Current user :' + '\n\n' + state.user.fullName ,
                      style: themeData.textTheme.headline6,
                      text: '\n\n' + 'Admin User: ' + '\n\n' + state.userCompany.isAdmin.toString(),

This then show up when I select the information Icon on the menu along with version number info

This is just one of many places that it could have be inculded

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Thanks for the suggestion, really cool to see that you’re compiling the app!

You can currently see the logged in user on Settings > User Details but I agree it would be good to make it more visible.

In general it’s best to submit feature requests by creating issues on our GitHub repo but this is a small change, I’ve added it to my list.