New Company Deletion

I just moved to version 5 today but when I enter the new system I keep being brought to ‘New Company’ and have to select my migrated company each time. I attempted to delete ‘New COmpany’ but it doesnt delete. Any assistance appreciated.


Do you see any errors in the browser console when trying to delete?

Have you set a password for your account or did you sign up with Google Login?

No I don’t see any errors. I created an account with my email and generated a password.

I’m not sure, which version of the app are you using (web, mobile or desktop)?

As a temporary workaround you can set the other company as the default company.

thanks for your help. Its showing that way on the Windows app and web based version. How would I go about creating a default account so it opens there automatically.

There should be an option to set the default company on Settings > Account Management (assuming the selected company isn’t the current default).

Hi, it seems to be set as the default company but it’s still not opening straight away. The ‘New Company’ opens by defaile on the desktop app but the other account opens first on the browser.

Which version of the desktop app are you using?

You can check by clicking about in the lower left corner.

I downloaded it today so I am assuming it’s the most up to date version v5.3.27-W62

Have you tried deleting the company in the web app?

Just tried it and it says 412: Invalid Password.

Thanks, that’s helpful. We’ll work to correct this.

Just to confirm, I assume it isn’t asking for your password?