New beta release is available

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of the feedback on the beta so far!

We’ve just released v5.0.13. If the crons are enabled you should see a notification in the app that a new version is available, please let us know if you don’t see this option.


Here’s what’s new:

Admin Portal

  • Dashboard improvements
  • Added ability to view amounts as gross or net taxes
  • Added webhook management
  • Added manual/online payment email settings (Settings > Company Details > Defaults)
  • Added lock invoices option (Settings > Workflow Settings) (edited)


  • Improvements for invoice number validation
  • Implement lock_invoices.
  • Improve demo data
  • Remove account properties that are not needed
  • Change local environment variable as default to selfhosted
  • When changing an email address, fire a notification to the old address advising that the email address has been changed.
  • Add checks for node/npm on setup screen
  • Autobill - check partial value exists and pay that, otherwise pay balance.
  • Invoice actions - send_email/template/auto_bill/paid
  • Allow a client to ‘signup’ / ‘register’ to a company.

You can find more info about the beta here:

Can`t update on the panel

Thanks for trying it, can you please check what URL is being called using the network tab in the browser console?

Is this you need?

Thanks, I see the problem. We’ll include a fix with the next release.

Hi hillel,

I am am sorry i can`t follow.
I can see there is a API_SECRET in .env file, no API-TOKEN nor API-PASSWORD
And how to do this?
Could you please tell me more?

No worries, happy to help… The token is in the tokens table in the database and the password would be your user’s password. Depending on your version you may be able to create a token on Settings > Account Management.

That said I’m not able to reproduce the error you’re seeing, is the rest of the site working correctly?

Well, there is no Creat Token on Setting > Account Management

In that case you’d need to get the token from tokens table in the database

When will this version be available to hosted customers? Also, I am spending a lot of time integrating with your API. Will changes in your API in the future break existing API integrations such as the ones we are working on building now? This is the biggest reason we are leaving Freshbooks, they built a new API a while back and basically broke all our integrations we spent a LONG time writing and that we depended on. Thanks for any info you can provide.

Best case end of this year/worst case early next year.

The v5 API is based on v4 however there will be breaking changes to support new functionality.

Will the breaking changes be documented so I can fix my integration?

We probably won’t be able to provide a full list of all changes but we’ll try to explain any major changes. Again the v5 API is based on v4, it will be mostly the same.

Thanks! Looking forward to using the beta. Will there be a proposal module? We used it in v4.



Yes, but it will take time

Hi, missing Kuwaiti Dinar in the localization

Question The new version its available for Softacolous Users? If not how can i upgrade manually?

Thank you in advance

Once we have a stable v5 release we plan to make it available on Softaculous.

To upgrade now you’d need to manually install the new version.