Need Help: Stackoverflow Error

Thank you for clicking on my thread. We have installed the latest release of Ninja Invoicing, and we have ran into a few issues. We have installed the software twice on two different instances (self hosted) and both times, we had the same issue, not sure if the issue is a known.

We are having issues on the following, however no errors are showing:

  1. Unable to upload any CSV - no data are being upload at all, and it shows that it is successfully uploaded.
    a. Clients
    b. Invoices
    c. Payments
    d. Products
    e. Vendors
    f. Expenses


Do you see the records when checking the database directly?

@david any thoughts on how to debug this?

sounds like a permissions issue with the csv not uploading.

there no password to the csv

the file was download from QBO and I was able to open the file to view or even edit if I wanted to.

Any updates on my response?


It could be that there is an issue uploading the file, either a the websever, or the webserver unable to write the file to disk because of permissions issues.