Namecheap Shared Hosting - The crons need to be enabled

I have moved my Invoice Ninja v5 over to my shared hosting with Namecheap.

Things are working as expected except for I have the persistent exclamation mark telling me the crons need to be enabled.

I have added a cronjob in my cpanel to what I believe to be correct. I have double checked the path and when I run the command over SSH, it doesn’t throw back any errors.

So what am I missing…? How do I get invoice ninja to stop warning me about this or get the cron job to work properly via Cpanel.


Are emails sending correctly?

The app can currently take up to 24 hours for the message to go away, we’re working to correct it.

Emails are indeed sending correctly. Does this indicate it’s working correctly?

It has been almost 48 hours and the message has not gone away. My understanding was it being a daily check before the exclamation would disappear, yet it persists.

I have just set it with /opt/alt/php74/usr/bin/php instead of just php and will see what happens after another 24 hours. I did try a php artisan optimize after this change which forced an update last time when I was hosting on my home box but the exclamation still persists this time. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the meantime! Thanks!

@david any thoughts?

The real test if you crons are working is if your recurring invoices are being sent.

Emails on shared hosting would be sent instantly so it isn’t a good test of whether the crons are working.

The exclamation cleared today so it appears that my crons are configured correctly and Invoice Ninja just had to re-check. Cheers!