Namecheap - Self-Hosted Issue


I’m having issues installing Invoice Ninja in Shared Hosting via Namecheap. I’m receiving errors about

Invoice Ninja Version : v5.3.0-c58

Hoping for any response about the issue


Have the crons been configured?

Hi Hillel,

Yes, also having problem sending emails using SMTP (our email address)

The cron should be set to run every minute.

@david does refreshing data now check if the cron has been enabled?

Have you seen this info regarding emails:

I’ve tried changing it now to every minute. As of writing this reply still seeing the error.

Yes on 5.3.x running /update?secret= will also test the crons are working.

Will try to check if the update prefix are working to check if cron is working

I’ve tried it and 404 | Not Found

I’m getting this when trying the /update?secret=

You’re loading /upgrade rather than /update

Note: you may want to change your secret


still the same issue

Are you seeing a 404 loading /update or using the app?

When loading the upgrade yes I see 404

Are you loading /upgrade (not correct) or /update (correct)

I mean update. Yes I still see 404 error

Also I can’t update the version from the Update Available. If trying to update to the new version it keeps replying “Server Error”

This is the error if I’m trying to update

I think the issue is solved by the update v5.3.1-C58… Will update this thread again if I still encountered the issue. Thank you!