'mysql' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Hi All.

Im trying to install v5 on windows 10.
I have xampp installed and apache and mysql is running. i dont see any error in their log files.
i can get to the setup on invoice ninja, once done by checking the 2 check boxes i get an error before the login screen should appear.
Each section does test 100%.

The command “mysql --user=”${:LARAVEL_LOAD_USER}" --password=“${:LARAVEL_LOAD_PASSWORD}” --host=“${:LARAVEL_LOAD_HOST}” --port=“${:LARAVEL_LOAD_PORT}” --database=“${:LARAVEL_LOAD_DATABASE}” < “${:LARAVEL_LOAD_PATH}”" failed.

Exit Code: 1(General error)

Working directory: C:\xampp\invoiceninja\public


Error Output:

‘mysql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I did search at a few online places and nothing is working.
I recreated the Mysql database invoiceninja a few times.
reinstalled xampp.

The install method followed is in this guys youtube video. The only step changed is the path, my program files folder is locked down by me, so i used c drive root.

link to each step is here Install InvoiceNinja - Invoice and Payment Manager - On Windows

any assistance would be apricated.


Maybe this will help: mysql is not recognised as an internal or external command,operable program or batch - Stack Overflow

Thank you Hillel

This is not the issue, i can login from cmd to mariadb using “mysql -u root -p”
prompts for the password then logs in with no issues.

Is there anything i need to install for Laravel? or is this integrated directly with invoice ninja?

@david do you have any suggestions?

I’m not familiar with windows Dev environments sorry.

I actually got this to work.
downloaded the latest files, beta files really.
and then i also move the invoiceninja folder from the root xampp folder into xampp/htdocs. (saw this on another post as someone’s directory and thought i must give it a go.)

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