** Must Read ** Uploading current Quickbooks Online ** Need Help **

Does anyone knows how to upload the exported data from QuickBooks Online? I tried to upload the CVS files individually and nothing gets uploaded. I tried each category, and no luck. I tried Freshbook, but that doesn’t work for me.

Do I have to modify the fields to make the CSV file work on my upload based on the fields that is given by Ninja fields when you download it?

This software has been a pain, any I having no luck in making this work hosted or self-hosted.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!



Can you post a screenshot of the field mapping you’re using?

I have downloaded my files from quickbooks - the file is CSV, however it is not mapped the same fields as Ninja. I created some customers and quotes, and invoices on ninja hosted site, and then downloaded it so I can see the fields. Do I have to map it the same in order for me to upload?

Also, I mapped it the same as ninja, and no luck too.

I have a question, might you have a CSV excel spreadsheet that we can drop in our data and save it and then upload it to ninja?

Is there a easy way to do this?

The columns can have any names, you can map the fields after importing the file.

@Hillel - No personal attack on you… We are talking about the online hosted by Ninja… Yes I have tried that, i gone to the upload data, and again no error showing after uploading, but when I gone to check to see if there was any data, no data was showned. Also I have tried this on – Also the self-hosted is the same BS… I should just give up on this software. I gone thru a few blogs, and wasted alot of my time… This software been out for this long time and some of the basic are not even working on this current hosted version. Quickbook is not a new software in the market, just like freshbook or Saga 50… and the software does not have a simple upload, how crazy is that??? I can’t be the only person having this issue in this time in age!

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