Multiple payment email notification sent for 1 payment multiple invoice

Hi, I started to notice its happened at v5.5.60 though i can be wrong about this as Im not that punctual on doing each update release, so sometimes I jump a version or 2 or 3 before upgrading.

So usually before this when I entered single payment for multiple invoice for 1 client that use only 1 email, the system usually only sent out a single email to notify the client. But recently (started to notice during v5.5.60) the number of email sent to the same client are the same as number of invoice involve in that payment. As per attached is the example of the email received by the client

As you can see within the picture, theres only 1 payment for 6 invoice, which in the past it should only sent 1 email, instead this time, it sent 6 same emails.

So I wonder is there any settings I need to double check, or is it a bug?

I include the snapshot if the health check just incase you need it;


And i have already upgraded to v5.5.65-W105 but still the issue persist.


Does the client have more the one contact? There was a recent change to notify all contacts on the invoice rather than just the primary contact.

Hi @hillel , nope, I have confirmed that theres only one email registered.

But i dont know if this related or not, in email settings i put “Reply to email” section my and “BCC Email” I put

But still i counted it did not count to 6 email address. And even if it should sent to all recipients, its weird when it sent all 6 email notification to 1 customer email address.

@david do you have any ideas?

Checking the latest code, we only send emails based on the last invoice added to any payment.

However, if you have 2 contacts on an invoice, and a BCC, that would equate to 4 emails.

6 certainly does not sound right.

Do let me know if you need additional details. Im happy to assist anywhere I can. Its just this week and next week, I kind of busy a little bit. So might slow in response to your reply

Hi David, sorry to disturb you, do you able to reproduce this error?

The way i do it, I select enter payment, then entered the amount customer paid then save.

For example, the client has multiple invoice, invoice-A amount 1$, Invoice-B 1$, Invoice-C 1$ Invoice-D 1$ so total is 4 dollar.

So the customer paid 4 dolar to me, which then i enter payment amount 4 dolar, and select Invoice A to D, then click save. In the past it only sent 1 Email only, but now, it sent 4 email to the same single customer email, all with the same title “Payment status for Invoice-A,Invoice-B,Invoice-C,Invoice-D”.


I see the issue here. I have a fix in for this which will be available in the next release.

Roger that, thank you so much :smile: