Multiple invoices in one payment?

Hi, I’ve been playing with InvoiceNinja. Is it possible to enter a single payment from a client and have it credited to multiple invoices? Something else along these lines is allowing a client to have a positive balance. Are either of these things possible? How hard would it be to make these possible?

Annnd I just found credits. Looks like if i apply credit to an account it doesn’t count toward outstanding invoices, but that should be easy enough to fix via the API or worst case directly reading/writing the database.

Applying credits via the database is ALOT more complicate than it sounds but it is certainly do-able. We have a PHP script that automatically parses credits and applies them to invoices.

  • We don’t support applying a single payment against multiple invoices, I imagine it would be a difficult change to make.

  • It is possible for a client to have a negative balance.

  • I’d advise against manually changing the database.