Multiple / different logos?

We offer different services with different brand names, but they’re all provided by the same company. Is it possible to have a different logo on the invoice (ie, the specific brand) for the customer?
I tried creating different companies, but our accountant tells me we need to have one set of invoice numbers across the company. Since every Invoice Ninja company has its own numbering, that option sadly doesn’t work.

What are my options?


With the current version of the app one option would be to use custom invoice designs and embed the logo as base64.

With v5 you’ll be able to set a custom logo image for a client or a group, you can see the demo here:

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Cool - since we’re not using the install, but the hosted version, when (approximately) will the online app be updated to version 5?

Hopefully by the end of this year/early next year

Yeah, we’ll have to figure out a way on how to handle this until the new version is out, because the custom design is beyond me to figure out.