Multiple Company Client Portal Address

I have Multiple companies on my Invoice Ninja, and I’ve activated the client portal for each one.
It generated individual Links to each client portal, However, the links just show a 404 - Not Found page.

How can I access the individual Client portal for each company?


Can you confirm the APP_URL value is correct in the ,env file, maybe you need to add /public?

yes, thats correct.

If I go to it shows the original client portal.

but if i go to then it shows the invoice ninja 404 - Not Found screen

and I keep getting this error when I try to add a credit card to a client, Idk if it’s related.

E_WC_14: Accept.js encryption failed.

@david do you have any thoughts?

accept.js means you are probably accessing the site over http:// instead of https://

i think the format you need for the login for difference companies is

@david I changed the login link in the AP to match the register link, is it possible to support this format on the backend?

@david hey, so I tried that. But it didn’t work. Still shows the original client portal.


I’ve checked in a change for the next release which will support client/login/xxxxxxxxxxx

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

@david So after the v5.5.5-C88 update, the links for the client portal work, But they don’t show the individual client portal, they just show the client portal of the main company.


Fix for this is in the next release.

Awesome! thank you so much!!