Multiple Company Accounts As Single Main Company


Can I set up the maximum 5 companies under my account as the “same” company?

I need separate email addresses to receive back notices of payment, and having the one company only allows all received notifications going to the main email address.


I’m not sure I understand, each company has its own email address.

You may want to use email aliases, ie.


I need to send an invoice to a New York customer, and the “payment notification email” to come back to our New York Account Co-ordinator (separate email address).

I need to send an invoice to a California customer, and the “payment notification email” to come back to our California Account Co-ordinator (separate email address).

With a single InvoiceNinja account, I only have a single email address that I receive notifications.


Or does your system allow Accounts & Companies to be the same name, and only differentiated by separate email addresses?

You can either use two separate users or two separate companies.

Regarding the two separate users solution, the area to check “Email me when an invoice is paid” under “Basic Settings” will always just refer to the main company email. I wouldn’t have a choice there. Correct?

I think I would have to use separate companies for my objective.


It would depend on the user’s permissions, if they can each just create data then they’d only receive emails for payments for their invoices.

Eyebar, if you use separate companies then you’ll end up with separate revenue and expense data. It’ll be a mess.

I tried to use something like that so I could bill different customers under different brands and have but ended up having to merge everything back.

Here’s an idea: Maybe you could use a single email address to receive your notifications, and then add some identifier to the message body or subject, so that you could set up in Gmail/Outlook/etc an email filter to CC the message to the correct office.


Thanks for the suggestion. You’re right, it would be a mess. I’m just working on my entire strategy for this thing, which might not even involve using InvoiceNinja. We’ll see.