Multi-Page PDF

Is it possible (and if so how) to have a multipage PDF invoice, with terms and conditions (mine are two pages long and are usually attached to quotes and invoices - i.e. 3 pages in total).

I’ve read this thread:
Add 2nd page

Which looks like it may help me alter the template - but that means altering the template when I alter my terms. Is there an area where you can keep the terms stored separately and only therefore add a field value to the invoice?

The only terms box I can see is very small and the application slow dramatically when I paste my terms in there.

Otherwise I’ll try the method detailed in that other thread.


In our next version we’re adding default documents which may work better:

I can see you mentioning it will be available within a month. I will probably need to sort something out before then.

How does the current version use “Default Messages - Invoice Terms” and “Default Messages - Invoice Footer” ? Are these added to the invoice emails (rather than available to the invoice itself)?

And how does one go about adding a header to the PDF template, but only on pages 2 and 3 (sorry several questions in one thread).


They’re just added to the PDF.

It isn’t supported, it would require changes to the code.

I tried added a page break and 1.5 pages of text to the PDF Invoice template. Didn’t get very far. The browser hung after adding 2 paragraphs.

This has really stopped me in my tracks, until I can think of a work around. After Googling I can see that many are after the same feature (not just for Invoice Ninja). There is really no replacement for adding Terms and Conditions to an Invoice or Quote. Separate attachements or a link to a page somewhere are not the same thing (probably not legally the same things either).

In my oppinion a feature desperately needed.

If you want to email your terms to I’ll see if I can make it work…

Hi Hillel,

That’s very good of you. Could I confirm the email - is it
Don’t want to send my terms to the wrong place!

Yes, you’re correct. I’ll fix the typo.