Multi-currency support / Invoicing in different currencies?

We installed the system on one of our servers and the system looks very promising.

But when we tested and attempted to make a test invoice in a different currency (DKK, SEK or EUR) than our base currency (GBP), it doesn´t seem possible even though you can choose a multitude of currencies in the list for your company; plus you can also live update of the currencies from the exchange?

We have customers over Europe and mostly from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the English speaking regions so we obviously need to be able to invoice our customers in their local currency.

Is there a way to do this or it is an missing option?

(If it is missing I would like to suggest to the devs that they consider to add this please)

Thanks you in advance for you help and answers. :+1:
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You can set the currency at the company, group or client level

Ah Ok, I see. But not directly on the invoice?

That’s correct, the app doesn’t support one client having invoices in multiple currencies.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying that. :smirk:

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I dont think this multicurrency issue has ever been properly addressed. I have clients in various countries all utilising standard services and i base the pricing on my home currency, for example, my home product sale price would be 150, then a customer in country B would then be charged this price x6 (exchange rate) so the invoice would be 900; customer C has the same service and is charged x0.4 so should be charged 60. This should be simple, as the products should be in the company default currency, and as is supposedly possible, the invoice shows the clients home currency, thus the amount should be the product price x the exchange rate. Why is this not possible, even IN says they support multiple currencies. Really is a pointless effort as I have to create duplicate products with prices set to the currency i would be billing in.

This also fundamentally affects bills i receive from vendors in other countries, as again, these expenses only convert 1:1, not in accordance with their echange rates.

Is there also an easier way to update exchange rates without editing the database directly (I have fixed exchange rates, and do not use any integrations for regular updates)?

Really hope there will be some detailed responses on how to get invoices to properly reflect currencies.

Can you check that convert products is enabled on Settings > Product Settings

all the settings are according to the documentation to allow for the conversion.



this is what appears on an invoice with a different currency (no change in cost)

I have tried applying an exchange rate in the invoice settings, but this doesnt work either. there is no where to see what exchange rates are being applied or not applied.

As a test, on the IN hosted service, this update to invoices (conversion to local exchange rates) works, but not on the self hosted system. It is also possible to change the exchange rate in the settings on the invoice, thus there must be some bug between the self host version and the hosted service, or there is an issue with the use of the currency database table.

just as a follow up on this; in the self-hosted IN, setting the exchange rate in the invoice settings section before adding any products, DOES change the product amount, but there seems to be the missing link to a standard table of currency exchange rates unlike the hosted service.

Are the crons running? They’re used to set the exchange rate.

There’s more info here about the configuration:

I appreciate there is the option to synch currency exchange rates, but I want to fix them (I have done this in the database currency table), but this doesnt automatically synch when adding a product to the customers invoice, it keeps the rate at 1 unless I set the exchange rate in the invoice "settings"tab. in the cloud version this all works as expected, but not in the self hosted version so maybe there is some fail to link to the currency table somewhere. Can you suggest where to look for this link reference in the application files, specifically for incvoices (I am not a coder, but can follow some of the coding references)

If you update the database you’ll need to reload the data in the app using the refresh data option on Settings > Device Settings.

As a practice, whilst getting things fully functional, I do the artisan optimize, system healthcheck/clear cache/refresh data and the refresh in the device settings to make sure everything clears and is refreshed, but still no luck.

@david are the exchange rates cached in the API?

Yes, they are cached, and then the cache is updates when the cron does its daily update.

I do not use any API to update the currency exchange rates as I want to have fixed exchange rates. the web application doesnt seem to reference the exchange rates in this table and only updates product prices when I set the exchange rate on the individual invoice in the settings option, where i can select the project etc.

Assuming the cron is running this should correct itself with 24 hours

Have been monitoring this for the past few days with no joy in the currency issue resolving itself. the system still shows the product cost the same in each currency and does not convert according to the database rates. I built a second site from scratch with everything working and the same result.

When creating a new invoice, if i set the exchange rate in the settings part for the Invoice everything works as expected, but if the exchange rate is not set here, the default when adding a product is 1. For some reason the web app is not checking the database table for the exchange rates, or for some reason the cache is not updating properly.

Can anyone point me where to look to see if there is a broken connection somewhere? The crone jobs are running perfectly and this is the only glitch (Note that this is not a problem on the Invoice Ninja hosted version)