MSP - Trying to record support requests against a Service Level Agreement

Trying to record per customer the number of hours in their Managed service agreement… then deduct time based on tickets they raise.

I can deduct hours in I.N. using a “Project” but I need a monthly recurring number of hours thats different per client.


Sorry, I don’t think it’s supported.

Is there any possible workaround? Or app I can connect to make this work? Otherwise I have to abandon using IN and instead find a PSA app to use.

Which I really don’t want to do.

Regular user chiming in:

The only thing I can think of is to set a credit for each client equal to the number of hours they purchased, and assign an invoice to each ticket, where the payment deducts from the available credit. The downside to this being that there’s no functionality for recurring credits, so you’d have to input them manually.

@Hillel - Perhaps recurring credits and the ability to convert un-invoiced payments into credits could be done in a future release?

Thanks TitanFail.

We use Solarwinds MSP RMM… it supports this type of SLA tracking, it’s just that it’s very weak on features for invoicing beyond that. And the dealbreaker, no customer portal.

Was just thinking. Maybe I can use solarwinds rmm for invoicing SLA customers and then when their monthly invoice is generated somehow have it exported and then imported into I.N., so the customer can still use their I.N. portal, and we can still track all payments in one interface.

Anyone have any ideas how to make this work?

There’s a HUGE market for PSA software and Documentation Software for MSPs that are just getting started.

Right now the only solutions worth using are IT Glue for documentation, and ConnectWise for PSA.

If the key functionality for these apps was added to I.N., it could help companies grow to be much larger.

Currently there’s no app that can do all of these things well at all. The two main players being Solarwinds RMM and Ninja RMM.

RepairShop works for basic breakfix PSA although it’s not the best for MSPs, so they have started building their own RMM, ticketing and documentation app called Synchro, which is so under featured it’s basically unusable.

If I.N. Could build documentation features and Ticket tracking against customer SLAs and an integration for Solarwinds RMM (better) or Ninja RMM, then it could be the key piece of software to have to track everything that’s being done, in one app.

Just wanted to bump this topic as we are still looking for a way to manage SLA customers. Gave up on Solarwinds… I’d rather use IN for SLA customer contracts that have a recurring number of hours for certain types of work.

@Motor I have an open source instance stood up and a developer ready to make changes. We are a 5 person MSP Northeast of Atlanta looking for this (and other MSP centric functionality). Want to collaborate?

Yes! how do we connect? Cant private message here I dont think? THX!