Moving over from Freshbooks, part 2

Hey everyone,

This is a continuation of my old thread at

I was using Freshbooks a lot, but I found Invoice Ninja to have more features and, being open source, I could customize it to my needs. Freshbooks was good but some things were lacking - also, their new version offered, IMO, nothing more than a facelift. I was disappointed.

So I decided to move to Invoice Ninja, but I could not simply throw away my data - Freshbooks’ export options were nowhere near complete and useful, and I wasn’t about to re-type 3000+ invoices and payments. I was kinda hopeless, until…

Out of nowhere I stumbled upon a service called Skyvia. They offerered some interesting integration options, including Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Salesforce and others. So, I signed up.

But Skyvia isn’t another Zapier clone. It basically allows you to access your Freshbooks/Quickbooks/Salesforce/etc account like one would access a MySQL database via PhpMyAdmin. And so with this I was able to do a full backup of my Freshbooks account as a complete database, and then download CSV files of every single table (products, invoices, invoice items, payments, etc).

And then, in just a matter or few days, I was able to make some changes to these CSV files, adjust them to the Invoice Ninja database structure, import to my server via PhpMyAdmin and - voilà - a full and almost seamless migration :smiley:

So, there you have it: if you want to get your data out - or even in, if you want to - of Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Salesforce and others, check out Skyvia. It saved my life - and my data.

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Hey Hillel, how you doing? Thanks for replying on my first thread back then :wink:

Yeah, Skyvia is really, really cool. They have some very interesting integrations, check out their website to see all integrations. I was really impressed that I could actually make a database dump of my Freshbooks account.

Actually, you guys could even get in touch with them to add Invoice Ninja as an integration option, just like you did with Zapier.

How were you able to export the data from Freshbooks? I’m a noob when it comes to MySQL so maybe some exact steps as I’m running into the same problem.

Thanks in advance