Move installation

I think I might have made a bit of a mistake on the install, seems everything is redirecting to …/public/ which is a sub folder of /public_html/.

I have created a couple of companies that have billing so wondered if I could move the install to the correct directory without causing any issues?


If you move the app will need to update the APP_URL in the .env file.

It will cause previous email links to no longer work, you’d need to send new links.

I can do that.

So basically I can simply move all the files into the folder above “public_html” and then update the app URL and it should all work OK?

The best way to remove /public from the URL is to map the webroot to the folder public.

Alternatively it may help to uncomment this line:

I tried moving the installation and it just screwed everything up so uncommented the following line in the htaccess file:
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ public/$1 [L]

Now everything appears to be OK.

.env carries this line too: