Move from Braintree to Stripe

Hi, I had Stripe import the data from Braintree, but after speaking with them they had to change customer IDs so I’m assuming that’s going to break the token billing. Does anyone have any incite or can you help me figure out what to do?

Hello, I don’t know if that would imply that it would break, but I think they should be able to tell you that or at least help you to do some sort of test to make sure. If I assume that it will break, then an option could be to try to do an import. If I’m not mistaken stripe allows you to export a file containing the tokens, ids and emails in a file which you can then import it the Settings -> Import | Export, Source: Stripe. I’ve never tried it so I don’t know how this would behave if you already have data for those customers, surely that would be a question for the IN team. Hope this helps.

Here are some past post on the topic of Imports from stripe:

I was able to have them import the data from BrainTree, but according to what they said is that the users now have a new ID and I would have to change the ID on the backend. I guess I’m just going to wait and see if it works since I thought I wouldn’t have to edit anything.

By “backend” do you mean in Invoice Ninja?

Yes, correct. Here on step 3

Thanks for that link, it was helpful. It does outline that you need to update your records in order for the payments to succeed. Your case almost exactly as in the first link I provided, with the only difference, I assume, being that you already have the contacts defined for each client. Are you self hosting?

Yes I’m self hosting. I’m really bad at asking questions lol. At the end of the day my question is can someone build me a query to make the required changes? I can somewhat read JSON so I know what needs to change, it’s just that my SQL is pretty bad and IDK where the required info is.

If your self-hosting make sure your backing up before any change and ideally, setup a test install to try things out without affecting your operation. For your question, the answer is yes. In other posts I’ve seen Hillel recommend, for custom development:

That being said, from what I can perceive, exporting your customers token the from stripe, and using the import functionality should work, and you should be able to try it out in your test installation with relatively low risk.

I’m just going to wait till the end of the month and see if they fail. Stripe is saying the the imported costumers has different IDs so it won’t work, but honestly they weren’t very clear.