More than 2 decimal places in price

Hi everyone.

Here’s another feedback, something I know works correctly under Freshbooks. But this one is also no big deal, it’s really low priority :smiley:

I resell printing services and sometimes I need to use prices with 3 or maybe even 4 decimal places in prices, so that I can fill in the correct quantity and it will give me the correct final price. For instance:

1.000 business cards = Final price $125. I’ll put 1.000 in quantity, and in unit price I should put $0.125. Invoice Ninja is rounding this unit price up, so the final price becomes $130.

I know I could simply put ‘1.000 business cards’ in the description, 1 in quantity and the final price in the unit price. But as Freshbooks was able to correctly calculate these prices with 3 or 4 decimal places, I used this in all previous invoices.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into it for a future release.

I’ve added it to our Trello board: