(moot?) partial write-off: wire transfer fees

When clients pay by wire transfer, banks at both ends take a bite.
Their full payment arrives short.
Is there a mechanism that allows me to zero out the remaining balance?
(I looked at credits; at first glance, they seemed designed for a different purpose.)

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edit: I stumbled into the workaround of just marking the invoice paid and bypassing the way I usually enter payments. I can make the adjustment in my banking/tax records, so maybe I don’t need anything specific from InvoiceNinja.


Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for but there’s an option in the online payment gateway settings to have the app automatically add a fee to the invoice.

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Thanks, Hillel, for the follow-up. I think I ended up successfully applying a credit.

I’ve been considering a wire transfer fee, so it’s good to know about the payment gateway option.