Mollie payments status after payment not changed

Noticed that since a couple of days the payment status doesn’t change to paid.

Invoices are paid in Mollie, but status stays the same.

Looking in the System log I see two entries for each payment cycle, for example:

Payment > Mollie
Gateway failed
2-12-2021 10:25:13

Payment > Mollie
Gateway succeeded
2-12-2021 10:24:21

Hi @beamer,

Have you changed your client portal domain name at all? Mollie should have sent a webhook request back to our servers to update the payment record.

There will be more information in the system logs on the dashboard page.

I changed it initallay when upgrading to new version, but changed back to the default. That is a while ago.

Not sure where to look at and what to do with it? I could see system log with server_response and data and it seems to be to have the same url for client protal domain name in webhookUrl.

And if you want some information, where can I send it so you can see it privately?


Just to confirm, is the payment recorded as pending in Invoice Ninja?

No “payment failed”. Here a link to a screenshot. The four log items are alle related to the same invoice.

Strangely enough it looks like it is two transactions on the same invoice?

Here is the link:

Any update on this issue?