Mollie doesn't work?

We’ve switched to v5 a couple of weeks ago.
Now we’re working with a (very patient) customer through several issues. They are finally able to go from quote to invoice, but they’re not able to pay.

They’re stuck on a page where they’re asked to fill in their credit card details… but that page doesn’t seem to be the Mollie gateway, but still Invoice Ninja?

And they can’t enter any of the information, since the fields are inactive.

How can I set it so that the clients simply click Pay Now and then are re-directed to Mollie, where they enter their details just as it used to work in v4?


@david @ben any suggestions?

2 things here, we integrate directly with Mollie for the credit card implementation, (iDeal and other types we redirect offsite to mollie)

If you inspect the browser console you may see a javascript error, most likely you haven’t configured all the fields for the gateway.

I would suggest putting th gateway into test mode and running through some test transactions to ensure the flow is working as expected.

Thanks, I got it to run. Still don’t have it working quite as expected - I can now select Pay Now in Invoice Ninja, then select the payment method.
If I select Credit Card, I must enter all my credit card details, once I do that, I am then re-directed to Mollie where
a) I can now select all the payment methods that are configured there.
b) If I select Credit Card payment on the Mollie screen, I need to enter my Credit Card details again.

How can I skip that extra step in Invoice Ninja? The Pay Now button should take me directly to Mollie, as it used to.