Modify 'Invoice' text in invoice

its great I can modify text strings to appear in the invoice like ‘Unit Cost’. However, Id like to change the string ‘Invoice’. Its really because in Spanish I dont want ‘Factura de Venta’ but ‘Cuenta de Cobro’. I know I can modify the language files, but it would be great to be able to modify this from the UI.

You can change it by using a custom design on /settings/customize_design. Search for $entityTypeUC (the ‘UC’ upper cases the words) and replace it with the string you’d like to be shown.

Note: the catch with this approach is it will show the same string for Quotes.

Thank you. That would do the trick. I have managed to do it by changing the corresponding string in /resources/lang/es/texts.php . Yes, your solution actually is more along the lines of what I think could be done. That is to have a variable (string, i.e $entityType) that can be set from the UI, and it would be cool if you could have different, call them, templates; like an Invoice is one template, and a Quote is another, and maybe and Invoice2 is another etc, with different assigned values for their variable $entityType.


Necroing this as I am looking for a better solution (if possible). The problem I have with this “hardcoded” approach is that the Quotes are now hardcoded as INVOICE - ServiceX. So what I am wondering is - is it possible to keep $entityTypeUC and just add -ServiceX after it so that it would look like this INVOICE - ServiceX and the quotes would then also be correct - QUOTE - ServiceX

As a workaround you could have separate hardcoded custom designs for invoices and quotes.

The problem is that we already use all three custom designs. So there is no way to do it so that we could just add a string of text to $entityTypeUC?

Maybe upgrade to v5?

I would but we have a problem :smiley: V4 to V5 migration error - database - #3 by raven

Granted I havent tried the latest stable version but am betting its gonna be the same problem.

There have been many fixes since then, if you still see an error we’ll of course work to resolve it.

Pertaining to v5 - is this possible in v5 or does v5 just have more custom designs so that we can hardcode more of them?

If it isn’t possible we’d be happy to add it but either way v5 supports an unlimited number of custom designs.