Modify invoice template design

How is it possible to modify template?

I would like to add property address field in rounded section (see screenshot attached)
Please advise.


You can configure which fields are shown in that section on Settings > Invoice Design > Client Details.

Is there a way to add more custom fields (more than 1-4), since 1-4 already in use ?

Maybe you can use a custom contact field?

Thank you!
it works but only for new clients created.
for the client objects already created it does not work and I do not see ability to update it.

I’ve tried to include shipping address (it is what I need to display) but there is no such option in drop down to select???

also, opened client object and where can I look for the contact custom 1 field ?

please advise!

The custom contact value isn’t shown on the client view page but I do see it in the edit client form.