Mobile App on iOS: Alternativ login when Face ID is not working


I have found a little bug on the mobile app for iOS.

  1. You have activated Biometric Authentication in the mobile app.
  2. When you, for whatever reason, can’t login per Face ID, apple usually offers to identify per Face ID again and after that, asks for your password. Depending on the app, this is the app’s own password or your password to unlock your phone (most often a 6-digit code).
  3. InvoiceNinja doesn’t aks for any of this. It only offers to unlock with Face ID again. So you’re in a loop.

In my case this happened after I de-installed my InvoiceNinja Server and set up a new one. (I used this one just for test purposes). So there was no Biometric Authentication possible anyway. But in that case, it should offer to set up a new login to a new/different InvoiceNinja installation. I solved this by de-installation of the mobile app and install it again.

Even if your server still exists and you would not be able to identify by Face ID anymore, you can also delete the app and re-install it. It is just the app, not the server. So no data will be lost.

But I think it would be nice to have a login option available when Face ID doesn’t work for a short time period, for example while using a face mask.



Face ID isn’t used to login to the app, it’s a separate security layer added on top. I think this problem is unrelated to Face ID and is simply an issue of being logged into the app when the server changes.