Mobile App (iOS) 1st invoice page visible only

Hello there, this is to ask for your kind help in regards with Mobile App (PRO subscription). Two things are massive issues we’re facing:

  1. First page of the invoice is only visible, there is no option to see full (3-4 pages) invoice.

  2. Log in- regardless of log in details (different company) it always opens up first account - not the one connected to log in details.

Help please :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.


  1. This could be related to the specific browser your’re using. On Chrome and Firefox all pages are shown, on other browsers you need to download the PDF to see all of the pages.

  2. This sounds like a bug. In the next version of the app users will have a single login regardless of the number of companies they belong to.

Sorry… for the iOS app the PDF issue should be fixed in the next version but it won’t be available to hosted users until the end of the year.

hi @hillel thank you so much for your fast reply. do we have ETA for new version? I am managing top luxury brands (cca 30+ accounts on IN) in the region and another reoccuring issue is payment status not correct (PSP Is that improvement on the roadmap as well? Thank you.

We’re currently aiming to share the v5 release with hosted users in December, you can try the demo here:

The new release will include a number of improvements to our integration including recurring billing support.