Missing variables when creating custom quote design templates

Hi, when I design custom invoice templates, i get the variables amount_raw, total_tax_map etc… However those are missing whenever I design custom quote templates. In the docs for templates, it is said that they are available.


Maybe this will help:

Those are for ninja variables but I mean twig variables as shown in the docs below:

How are you accessing the variable?

As such :

@david can you please advise?

For quotes you’ll want to use balance_raw, In the mean time I’ll also add amount_raw

Can you create a list of all twig-variables, please? The API-Variables are incomplete. Tasks.time_log.start_date (and so on) are not documented for example.

EDIT: If you send me a raw list I would try to edit the manual-web-page so the information are centralized.


The best place to monitor for any changes is here:

You’ll be able to follow the


etc etc and see the available fields for each entity

Ooooh, thanks a lot, @david !

I hope, I’ll come along with the code. I’ll have a look onto it. Thanks again! You and the team really do a lot of good work with this software! :slight_smile:

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