Missing invoices - Self hosted

I’m using v4.5.5 white label.

I can’t find the majority of my invoices from 2021, with debugmode on I couldn’t see any errors or info from stacktrace.log. However, if I go to a direct link, the invoice is found. Why don’t they show up in the list of invoices? The amounts aren’t graphed either. The payments toward those invoices are also missing, but they show up on the invoice itself if a partial has been met.

Apache log says when i hit the invoice, then a 200 is generated. When i look at the invoices list, it doesn’t throw anything. Any ideas on where to start looking?

I can view a direct link like https://pay.dreampod.com/public/view/abcd123xyz, but i can’t query it under invoices.


Maybe it’s a sorting issue? Do you see the invoice if you use the search in the top right corner of the screen.

Thank you for the quick reply. Filtering by the client name I don’t see anything from 2021 at all. I was able to generate the invoice they needed using direct link, but tried different sorting and filtering like Active, Paid, Unpaid, Partial, Sent, but they don’t have anything for all of 2021 in the invoices list. hmm

Are you using the filter or the search? There is a separate search in the corner which may help.

Yes, i searched by invoice number, but it came up empty.

Are you using the filter or the search field in the top right corner?

On the list pages you’ll see a filter and search option but on the dashboard page you’ll only see the search.

I have gone to the dashboard and used the search at the top right - is this the right one? the invoice I want has a direct link, has an invoice number, but is not querying anywhere search

Sorry, I’m not sure. You may want to check the database directly.