Missing Invoice and Payment


There is a missing invoice and payment for this client (invoice # 7287) but when I try to manually recreate the invoice I get the error shown below. Only one invoice for $47.52 shows up for this client and one payment, but Paid to Date shows the $95.04 total the client has actually paid us.

Any ideas what we can do to remediate the missing invoice and payment?



Is it possible the invoice exists but is marked as deleted?

I don’t believe its deleted, this view would show if it were deleted, correct?

If the client was deleted then it wouldn’t be visible, I suggest searching for the invoice number on the dashboard page.

I see an order from our testing suite when searching Invoice 7287, but no invoice 7287 from November 2nd 2022.

Have you tried searching on the dashboard?

Payment 7287 for a different client is logged, but no invoice 7287 appears.

You may want to try the React app by clicking the icon on the dashboard to check if you see it there.

@david do you have any suggestions?

Interesting, it shows up in the React app and in the client portal:

If you haven’t already it may help to click “Refresh data” on Settings > Device Settings in the Flutter app.

In the Flutter version I got “Refresh Complete” but invoice 7287 still does not appear.


How many invoices do you have in the system ?

One other possibility is that the invoice belongs to a client which has been deleted and “Include deleted clients” is disabled on Settings > User Details.

I think I have about 8000 invoices @david but I’m not sure how to get an exact count.

I turned on “Include Deleted Clients” and the invoice appears! The invoice shows as Paid with the only activity on the invoice being the payment on November 2nd 2022: