Missing attachments after migration from v4 to v5

Each issue had a PDF file in V4, but all of them were not migrated. How can the attachments be migrated afterwards?


@david any thoughts?

Checked it again in more detail. Not all files are missing, but only some:

In detail, I then realized that these files can no longer be opened in V4 either (error 500):

laravel-error.log (v4):
***Illuminate\Contracts\Filesystem\FileNotFoundException*** [0] : /html/ninja-4-5-50/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Filesystem/FilesystemAdapter.php [Line 452] => File not found at path: .../d0bef7d89b471522642f16a558dd07dceee39d2f.pdf

In fact, this file no longer exists. So it is clear why this could not be migrated, but the question is why this and other files simply disappeared.


When the system migrates, we attempt to pull the files from v4 to v5. v5 needs to be able to resolve the v4 webhost and we pull the information from there. Something may be occurring between the two systems which is preventing the documents from being retrieved.

Some files were transferred, so it does not work only in certain cases. As a cause I could see that the affected files already cause problems in V4, because they are no longer present. Therefore it is not a migration error, but the question is: why are some documents simply deleted in V4?

I now need to locate all cases and upload the affected files again in V5.