Missed Reoccurring Invoice - Cron Job

So I did something foolish in that I edited my cron-tabs to avoid sending reminders for a week. I didn’t realize there is a handy dandy “enable” button for reminders, or perhaps it’s new to 3.8.1.

Turns out that week I had two reoccurring invoices that needed to be generated and sent out. They weren’t generated, sent, and auto-paid like they usually are. Don’t even see it as an invoice in my reoccurring invoices list.

So I fixed my crontab jobs today. Will it fix that issue tomorrow when it runs again or do I need to manually invoice for this month and it’ll pick up where it left off next month? Whats the easiest way to get this back on track?


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The next time the cron runs it should send the missed invoices but the schedule will be shifted later, you can force the next invoice to be sent on the correct date by setting the recurring invoice start date to the next time it should be sent.

Perfect, then I’ll just wait till tomorrow when the cron job(s) run.

Thanks for the quick response.