Migration v4.5.50 to v5.4.9-C87

After a completed migration (laravel.log shows completed) and running php artisan ninja:check-data, I was getting errors showing that two clients have errors.

Client A” - Client Paid To Date = 10932.900000 != Invoice Payments = 19833.54 - 19833.540000
Client B” - Client Paid To Date = 36534.950000 != Invoice Payments = 36879.95 - 36879.950000
2 clients with incorrect paid to dates

On Ninja V4 server, I ran php artisan ninja:check-data and got errors as well.

2 clients with incorrect paid to date
3 invoices with incorrect balances

Since V5 showed the clients that were having issues, I was able to find the 3 invoices. They had multiple full payments for the same invoice. To try to fix it, I deleted the payments and tried to apply the correct payment amount. This still left the invoice unpaid since it showed a “Balance Due” which was the amount of the extra payments that were applied to the invoice.

I decided to clone the 3 invoices with incorrect balances (using the same date and invoice number+‘x’) so I could delete the bad invoices and payments associated with the incorrect balances. After doing this I ran check-data again and got rid of one of the error messages.

0 clients with incorrect paid to date
3 invoices with incorrect balances

With this error I tried to migrate again to V5. It completes but when I check, I see that clients are missing invoices and payments. Migration did not copy everything. I’m thinking the database is corrupted?

Any suggestion on what I should do to resolve this?



It may help to use the latest available version of v5 instead, we don’t recommend making manual changes to the database.

Updating to V5.5.49-C103 made a difference.
Migration completed and it appears everything was copied.
check-data gave 1 error with incorrect paid to dates. I deleted the extra payment and now check-data says SUCCESS.
Thanks for the help!