Migration to IN5 fails

I am using IN4 and IN5 on the same docker with different ports (v4: 88, v5: 89)
When starting the migration in IN4 everything looks good. The UI tells me, that the migration is started and I will get an email when it’s finished. But this email is never coming.
Also there is no zip-file in the migrations-folder.

I used portioner to setup the apps. IN4 and IN5 running three container (server, app, db) and I can use each app individually without any issues.

Unfortunately I have no logs in the logs-folder.


@david any ideas to debug this?

There needs to be some logs that identify some kind of failure.

At a very minimum there are logs in v4 when generating the migration data.

The logs should be in storage/logs, right?

thats correct, storage/logs/laravel.log

Ok, David.
And if there is nothing?