Migration from v4 sellf hosted?

My v4 with latest version works self hosted beside of sending mail with pdf…it is broken since some month. I tried many times to to fix v4 or install v5 …no way with the newest version on strato or ionos provider, tried ubunto in vmware or docker on synolgy …no way… v5 is a bitch …i am really pissed off. Now before i look for another invoice system…my last try is to pay for hosted v5 pro.
How can get my data from self host v4 to hosted v5?
Is there a service…i send my sql dump and the rest do service? Or can i try this for myself…but in migration v4 i have only migrate to self host…
Thanks for answer.


If you’re running the latest v4 you can use the migration tool to migrate to hosted v5.

Alternatively, you can transfer your data as CSV.

I tried to migrate to hosted v5 and it works :slight_smile: What about these errors? I have to do something??

And another question…could i export data from hostet v5 to test import on self hostet?

@david any thoughts to debug the errors?

You can use the JSON import/export to transfer data between v5 installs.


There seems to be some issues with the data quality in the migration from v4 to v5 with your dataset.

After the migration we do perform a second pass to set calculate your balances.

As @hillel mentions, once your data is in v5, you can use the import|export to move data between any systems - hosted or self hosted.

Thanks for answers :pray::+1:

Export doesn´t work??

I get no email since 2 hours??

Is the company active and are emails working in general?

Yes both …active and mails are working…i get Mails for logging…so it should work

Are there any errors in storage/logs?

hit is on hosted not self hosted…where can i see that log??

@david do you have any suggestions?


Send us an email to contact@invoiceninja.com i’ll check it out.

@david @hillel
Hy David, Export had worked from hosted v5 :slight_smile: But when i import to a self hostet v5 on Xampp …the data are here, but it is not fully functional like the v4 self hosted. Do i something wrong?

What error are you seeing?

After you import, you’ll want to re-upload your company logo.

…i decide …i use the paid version of invoiceninja…so it is completed