Migration fail v4 -> v5

I am trying to migrate and i am getting this email notification:
Missing resource key: recurring_invoices_967

I am up to date regarding the v4 and the v5
any idea of what I can do?
kinds regards


Is it possible data was manually deleted from the database?

@david any thoughts?

it might be that. I might have remove 2 or 3 invoinces in database long time ago but it was not recuring invoice. How remove all of related item to this key?


There is a solution for this, as you have deleted a recurring invoice at some stage, there will be a reference to this recurring invoice in the recurring_invoice_id column on the invoices table.

If you can find this delete reference and set the column to null, the migration will work as expected.

Thanks for your answer David. I do understand the way to solve, but not to find the line of the invoice in the invoice table. Is the error message return can help? the 967 in the ‘recurring_invoices_967’ return correspond to a database id of something?

I could solve the issue and migrates, thanks David for this input!

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