Migration error

Hi again,

thank you @hillel for your support getting v4 ready to migrate. I am on the final steps I guess, but now, when starting the migration to v5, laravel.log gives this output:

[2021-03-05 16:11:03] production.ERROR: Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2. {“userId”:1,“exception”:"[o
bject] (Swift_RfcComplianceException(code: 0): Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2. at /var/www/html/nin

What mailbox is laravel talking about?

So, after some hours of trying and even working with a plain install I have decided to give up for now. Next step is a fresh install on a new machine, as I got Error 500 when trying to create a bill template on the server with my working v4 install.

Hey there, looks like your mail configuration isn’t good. Can you check your .env file & see if all e-mail related fields are fine?

Also, if that doesn’t help, you can switch to “log” as an e-mail driver & try then. Thanks!

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Thanks Ben for your reply. Do changes on the .env should work immediately or do I have to restart e. g. nginx for that?

On another install I got this working, but wasn’t able to migrate as well as there have been problems with finding pdf files. The log says, files should have been transmitted, but couldn’t been find at the new install.

The last showstopper for me was then, at a plain v5 install on the same server v4 resides gave me error 500 when trying to edit invoice templates, so I stopped for now. Maybe this evening I do a v5 install from scratch. If that works without any error, I will give a migration another try.


If you see a 500 error please post the details from the logs in storage/logs/ to enable us to help.

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