Migrating v4 instance to existing v5 instance

Hi all!

I had two v4 Invoice Ninja servers running last week and I migrated one of them to v5. I’m loving v5 so far so great job!

My question is in regards to the remaining v4 instance. Can I migrate this as a new company to the existing v5 instance?

Put another way, I would like my two v4 servers to be consolidated into one v5 server. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.


One option may be to export to a separate v5 instance and then use the JSON export/import to combine them.

Do you recommend merging these two companies or having multiple v5 instances?

If we go with the export to separate v5 instance and then use the JSON export / import, we can then forward traffic from the v4 instance to the multi company v5 instance, correct?

Will the JSON export/import transfer custom fields?

I assume it would be easier to manage one app instance rather than two, you could also share the white label license if the companies are together.

Forwarding traffic from v4 to v5 requires using the migration, it wouldn’t work with the JSON import/export.

The JSON file includes custom fields.