Migrating to v5 with only SQL DB file

Hi @hillel

I’ve just had our VPS running IN v4 die (I think the provider may have gone bust). All our new VPS servers are based on Arch. The Arch AUR package for PHP 7.3 is broken (doesn’t compile) so I can’t get IN4 back up and running. I’ve asked the Arch dev to look at this but my company has a massive recurring invoice batch which will run at 1am tomorrow March 1st and so I’m in a whole heap of pain

I do have the SQL backup file so how can I use this to migrate to v5?

Alternatively is there any chance that v4 could be made PHP7.4 compliant?



I suggest setting up a new v4 install to use the migration tool.

v5 support PHP 7.4 but we don’t plan on adding support to v4.