Migrating to v5 issue - undefined variable (solved)


I want to migrate a v4 installation to v5, but i get this error: “Undefined variable: invoices”.
v4: 4.5.44
v5: 5.3.10

Any idea where to look?

Some other questions:

What will get migrated and what not? Is there a list of the things that will not migrate, like eg. invoice templates? Do we have to recreate the invoice templates after or before the migration?

When a migration from v4 to v5 is being executed, is it possible that recurring invoices and reminders will be send from both installations? Is it save to “test” a migration?

Thank you

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@david any suggestions on the migration issue?

The invoice templates are not migrated, in v5 we now use HTML/CSS based templates.

The migrated company is created in a deactivated state to prevent duplicates from being sent.

Hi @KrisL I have the same issue than you on the same InvoiceNinja versions

Have you found a solution?

I see the issue, we’ll tag another v4 release shortly.

With the update today of v4.5.45, this issue is resolved.
After the update, I didn’t received a e-mail. But I assume that everything is migrated well.